Wheatbelt Connect

Landowners together with Wheatbelt Connect (comprised of INPEX, ANZ and Qantas) will work together to create valuable, long-lasting benefits for both people and planet. Our aim is to accelerate Australia’s clean, carbon-neutral future.

Why join Wheatbelt Connect?

Landowners can play a vital and much-needed role in decarbonising Australia to reach the nation’s net zero goals. The challenge ahead needs collaboration, where the backbone of Australia, regional communities, have a seat at the table. Wheatbelt Connect enables landowners in one of Western Australia’s most important economic regions to generate diversified income streams, participate in reforestation and carbon farming, with the possibility of producing sustainable biofuels in the future.

The project is designed to ensure all landowners maintain ownership of their land and to reduce or remove the burden of upfront and ongoing costs involved – with the aim of achieving greater diversification of crops and a sustainable alternative income.

What is a carbon footprint?

Diversified crops and income

Landowners benefit from a more drought resilient crop, income diversification and lower income volatility.

Carbon farming

Carbon farming is rapidly growing, allowing more landowners to play an important role in reaching net zero and shaping the future of renewable biofuel markets.

Risk minimisation

Together, we aim to reduce project related risks to participating landowners, including paying upfront establishment, maintenance and costs, removing worry or burden from landowners.

Community Portal for landowners

Learn about the potential options available on your land through our interactive portal.

Visit the Community Portal

Interactive revegetation options


If you are a landowner and interested in Wheatbelt Connect, please contact the project team.